competitive programming roadmap
Competitive Programming roadmap for absolute beginners. We are going to be discussed about how you can start competitive programming and which road map you should follow. We will learn step by step using C++ programming language

Contest is very interesting, isn't it ? We watch football, cricket match and enjoy these very much. We get never tired though watching hour after hour. Competitive programming is like these game that could be enjoyable for you. I think, our competitive programming for beginners series help you to find that enjoyable thing so that you never get tired anymore to solve problems.

Question : Why do you start it with C++ ?

Answer : C++ is beginner friendly. C++ has a huge community that will help you to learn and about discussions. It is more efficient to learn and to deploy.

Let's start with our topics. For each topic we must to follow the link bellow to learn and know  deeply about them.

We need to know about

Online Judges and code sharing sites

  • IDE vs Compilers
  • Introduction to various Online Judges and Sites
The post link is here => 

Basic Program in C++

  • Syntax
  • Input / Output
  • Comments and Macro
  • Data types and Variables
The post link is here =>


  • Logical and others operators
  • Bitwise operators and applications
The post link is here => Bit operations

Statements and Loops

  • Types of statements in C++
  • Types of loops in C++
The post link is here =>

Arrays and Strings

  • Concepts of Arrays and Strings
  • String operations
  • subarrays, substrings, subsequences, anagram etc
The post link is here =>

Concept of Functions

  • usage of function/method
The post link is here =>

Concept of STL

  • The C++ Standard Template Library (STL)
The post link is here =>

Complexity Analysis

  • Time Complexity
  • Memory Complexity
The post link is here =>

Binary Search and Applications

The post link is here =>


  • Bubble Sort
  • Insertion Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Counting Sort
  • Intro Sort
The post link is here =>

Structures and Classes

The post link is here =>


The post link is here =>

Number Theory

The post link is here =>


The post link is here =>


The post link is here =>

Let's get acquire some knowledge about programming contests !
If you think, the guy who is good at programming language, so he / she is also good at programming contests. It is the most universal truth that your thinking is wrong. From the childhood we had learnt 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and division, multiplication, sum, subtraction etc. Now here programming is like same as 1, 2, 3. We write or express mathematical terms by 1, 2, 3 etc. at the same we can solve the problem through programming languages. In Competitive programming logic and solve is everything. Then it is important how to write code using those logic. Such as you know a number is odd or even. but how can you write with proper logic to be understood computer? It is all about programming.
People solve problem through programming but which one is more efficient that is challenging and very difficult. In competitive programming, your solution is how much fast than others. Your program need low memory space and take time high. so you have to reduce the time limit. 

Two Big Programming Contest in the world

One is ACM ICPC World Finals and the other is International Olympiad for Informatics ( IOI ).

In ACM, the participants are from universities. Various types of problems are set here. Like, Number Theory, Calculus, Graph Theory, Game Theory, Dynamic Programming, Probability etc. There are no limitations for topics. Almost 100 university around the world participate at the world ACM finals. 

In IOI , The problems are almost algorithmic. The level is school and colleges. Here must an syllabus and the problems are from there. but these are not very easy. Around the world , in the finals a team of 4 students represent their country.

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