Python is the best programming language in terms of the developer libraries and applications that can be useful it could be machine learning , artificial intelligence and web development anything that has always got you covered. All of us that lets go ahead and understand what exactly is and why it is best programming language in the world  there are features that has and where it is used and finally we can take a look at how to get started with Python basics and end are session with the career  opportunities.


  • What is python?
  • Why python is popular?
  • Feature of python
  • Where is python used in the industry?
  • Learning path
  • Career Opportunities.

What is Python?

Python is a general purpose ,high level, interpreted  programming language which is easy to learn syntax and dynamically semantics in the development of python started as a hobby Torrent because he wanted to make this language Beautiful easy to everybody read do this used compared to the other languages now with the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence has come into the spotlight because it is the work much more productive and much more is why is that it is because of the amazing computing power that we have we just got work to be much more productive even if it takes a lot of life. Well it is because of the amazing computing power that we have we just won't work to be much more productive even if it takes a lot of time so that what is python is topic of having that and start letter to head and understand.

Why Python is popular?

python step

Why Python is popular comparing it to the other languages is the best language to get started of Easy Syntax and high level features became one of the best language for anybody to get started off with a better .than it is the language for the next reason is that Python  is an open source language meaning in dentistry anybody to use every day there are thousands of programmers come together in making program in better and efficient modify the code in the create code when you make your allowed to work without any problems can be used to make almost anything applications web applications, mobile apps server site coding , GY application, artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms anything that you want to make python allows have do it . Lastly that is used community of people who come together to make the library is on what you that can be used to obtain IT Solutions just for an example we learning algorithms are already available then you can use them to obtain your solutions better productivity write up the liquid is much more as you can see why people around the world for Python so much.

Feature of python

future python

Simplicity: features make language attractive and that is what is made up of features that need anybody want to start coding with the different features it has in store for us the most well known as its simplicity programming fun because it is simple solution.

Open Source: important feature is the python is an open source language .which means that it is free for anybody to use modifications to Python or also allowed without any problems which brings us.

Portability: portability and supports portability which means that you can write your code and share it with anybody that you want to and it would work the same way as it has to you when you can record this week's moments of projects and Systems much more easier.

Embeddable & Extensible: other meaning properties chances are that certain languages Mein perform certain functions better than Python but that does not stop you as Python supports adding code of other languages into itself to run two functions which makes it all the more powerful .

Interpreted : interpretation which means the management of memory and CPU and debugging of the code much more simply.

Hug Libraries: library support which would help you to obtain solutions to problems easier you can get started off with data Science web development on the go with it had questions like how to developers make applications .

Object Oriented :object oriented concepts and supports hoops meaning that it can model a real world problem in your code and have security for its such that night sister them is restricted which helps you replicate the real-world scenarios.

Where is python used in the industry?

python market

  1. Google is most known Tech giant we use python to provide better search result are provided based on ranking of the websites and much more.
  2. Dropbox is a cloud platform the Server and  online its clients applications are included using python.
  3. The machine learning with Python to learn that each of its users just them into groups and recommend them shoes to retain them  for longer.
  4. The National security Agency for Cyber Security Analysis and for the encryption and decryption purposes the work is done using python.
  5. The BitTorrent  application which is used for beer to clear communication started out as a simple Python file.
  6. NASA scientist used to perform calculations which helps them reduce time and makes a work easier to use as you may know it is a very important language and it would definitely be beneficial if you start learning with how do we get started off with learning Python help you with that should get some learning path.

Learning Path

Learning this amazing programming language firstly need to. The basics which are variable data types and operators which helps you to understand data and the different data types that you can use such as numeric lists tuples and so many more meaning data and performing operations which can help you to obtain logic for simple addition or subtraction also understand that you can I do understand which can be used to store data in a structured.

  • Variables, Data Type ,Operators.
  • Arrays
  • Flow Control
  • Methods
  • File Handling
  • OOPS
  • Practice Programming
Career Opportunities

python career

Career opportunities that Python web development is an option that you can choose you have been work suggests Django and flask that can be used to create web application games development is also a carrier option that is available where you can create a Enemies and postures and graphic texture according to  Big data analysis is a booming fee which can be used to obtain data helpful to make. Decisions can help take rest for better profits web testing is also an option. When can report parts and media Academy website works as metered data scientist machine learning engineer artificial intelligence are some of the field that. Everybody wants to get into and it is clearly one of the jobs that looks like it would have a long life cycle smart ios devices are another place. Where you can use python  and build better infrastructure for connecting the world so those are some of the most well-known career opportunities and there are many more such as a software developer, automation engineers, and much more so now. I hope all of you know what Python is and why everybody loves it so much. I hope all of you would consider learning Python because it is just fun to learn and easy to program. Per this brings us to the end of the day session .Thank you happy Learning.

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