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Welcome our session today we are all be talking to you about top frameworks in 2021 for python programming language so without wasting time any more time let’s go this main session best framework for python. so first of all we will starting with exactly are frameworks in python moving further we will discuss why we are using frameworks and then we will list out the Top frameworks in python , frameworks that we have in  python namely.

  •          Django
  •          Web2Py
  •          Flask
  •          Bottle
  •          Cherry pie

What are frameworks in python?

Python is a general-purpose programming language it is one of the most popular programming
language few years. We can use it for so many Applications including web development. Frameworks is a collection of modules or packages which helps in writing web application or it helps in web development now we don’t have to worry about the low-level details such as protocol sockets or thread management when we are working with a frameworks. frameworks make the developer life easier by giving them a structure for app development they automate the implementation of common solutions which gives the flexibility to the developer to focus only on the application logic instead of the routine processes they provide common patterns for faster, reliable, scalable, maintainable easily web application.

Top five Frameworks in Python

DJANGO :                  

Django is most popular a free open-source and full-stack python framework and its very helpful for user which include all the necessary feature by default. It follows the DRI principle which says don’t repeat yourselves also django uses ORM to map objects to the database tables some of the exemplary features of django are authentication URL routing template engine and the ORM also there is database schema migration as well, The main databases that Django works with are postgre SQL, MySQL, SQL Lite and Oracle also it follows the MVC, MVT architecture.

Web2Py : Actually web 2py is the most popular framework in python. Web 2py is a scalable open source and a full stack python framework, However you should know that it does not support Python 3 now , What is so great about web 2py right it comes few years ago and with its own web-based IDE and among other things includes a separate code editor a debugger and one-click deployments as well ,Now looking at the others valuable we 2Py feature it includes no requirement for installation and configuration. It has the ability to run on different platforms it has the ability to read multiple protocols it also provides us with data security that prevents such vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting injection flaws and malicious file execution it also has a error tracking system through error logging and ticketing systems. It has the ability for role based access control and last but not the least it has a backward compatibility that ensures used oriented advancement without the need to lose the ties with earlier versions so that is all about Web2Py.

 Flask :  flask is a micro framework guys, now the difference between the full stack framework and a micro framework is the full stack framework does the heavy lifting for the application that we are making but the micro framework is small and very easy to use also when we are using the micro framework the URL routing is going to be restful for many of the occasions so this is the basic difference between a full stack and a micro framework. Feature of the Flask framework so will have already told you it is a micro framework it is lightweight and it has a modular design which makes it easily adaptable to developers needs it also includes a number of useful out of the box features which includes a built in development server and a fast debugger. It also has an integrated support for unit testing and the restful request dispatching.

Bottle : Bottle is also  a small framework framework , Originally it was meant for building api’s bottle implements everything in a single source file it has no dependencies apart from the python standard library . Also is has popular default feature include routing, templating, utilities and a basic abstraction over the WSGI standard bottle is a perfect solution for prototyping learning the organization of the web frameworks and building simple personal app.


CherryPy : cherryPy is an open source minimalist most popular web framework it makes building Python web applications no different than building any other object oriented program. It allows you to use any types of technology for temple ting database management and data access and so on however it’s still able to handle sessions statics cookies you can easily file uploads and everything else that of web framework typically. Also so many feature  It has of cherryPy it has an HTTP compliant , WSGI thread pooled web server it has the simplicity of running multiple HTTP servers at once it also has a powerful system configuration system a flexible plug-in system it also has out of the box tools for caching and coding sessions authentication static content. Cherry-Py also has a built in support for profiling coverage and testing and last it has the ability to run on different platforms so this is all about CherryPy.


Advantages of python Frameworks?

Open-Source : which means you don’t have to spend any many while working on a python frameworks.

Good Documentation : it has good documentation all the frameworks in python have very good documentation which means you can learn easily the functionalities and the key features of any framework using the good documentation that it has.

Security : provides security against the malicious attacks and then  there is integration and efficiency as well so these are the advantages of using a python framework for web developments.

Also there are few limitation when we are working on a python framework which is .It is open source so the code is going to be public so that is one issue here also there are few limitation when we are using a framework because the difference between a library and framework is it adds to a few rule and regulation when it comes to a framework.

Why Use a Python Framework?

We know that framework make easier to reuse the code for common HTTP operation and to structure projects so others developer with the knowledge of the framework can easily build and quickly maintain the application so these are the advantages which is why we are using a python framework that is easier implementation we have the maintenance and the readability is pretty good and then there is code reusability as well so these.

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