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Coding and programming skills hold a significant role in implementing and developing various technologies and software more value to the future and development these skills are essential for every person to improve problem solving skills. This session can help you how to solving programming problems and benefits of problems solving in programming, and help you learn and know the importance of these skills

  •          Analyzing the Problem
  •          Developing the Algorithm 
  •          Coding
  •          Testing and Debugging
  •          Right Mindset
  •          Making Right Decisions
  •          Keeping Ideas on Track
  •          Feedbacks
  •          Asking Question

What is Problem Solving in Programming?

Computers are used to solve various problems in day by day life problem solving is an essential skill that help to solve problem in programming. Problem solving is the process of transforming the description of a problem into a solution using the problem solving tools strategies and techniques. Computers act as help us to solve problem solving in programming this involves designing identifying and implementing problems using specific steps to develop a computer.

How does it Impact your Career?

Many companies look for candidates with excellent problem solving skills these skills help people manage the work and make candidates but more effort into the work which result in finding solutions for complex problems in an unexpected situation. These skills also help to identify quick solutions when they arise and are identified and shown possible results for complex problems. Problem solving skills also improve thinking and analytical skills which make them much more successful, problem solving skills also help build confidence in their career and work in any kind of environment .

Steps and Involved in Problem Solving

Before being ready to solve a problem there are some steps and procedures to be followed to find the solution now we have the list are basically divided into four categories the

Analyzing the Problem : analyzing the problem every problem has a perfect solution before we are ready to solve a problem we must look over the question and understand it , by analyzing it we can figure out the outputs and inputs to be carried out before  solving. If we are not ready with what we have to solve then we end up with question and cannot find answer as expected and if you know what you are solving then this would help you to find a solution very easily.

Developing the Algorithm  : Developing the algorithm means before you are ready to solve a problem it is required to decide a solution before writing the program the representation of the solution in natural language is called as an algorithm. We must design and develop and decide the final approach after several trials and errors before actually writing the final code on an algorithm before we write the code. Developing and algorithm captures and refines all the aspects of the desired solution and can solve the problems very easy.

Coding : once we finalize the algorithm we must convert the decided algorithm into code, once we are done with the algorithm we have to code or program using a dedicated programming language that the computer understands to find the desired solution.  in this step a wide variety of programming language are used to convert the algorithm into code.

Testing and Debugging : Testing and debugging means the designed and developed program undergoes several rigorous test based on various real-life parameters and the program undergoes various levels of simulations. Industries and many companies follow some testing methods like system testing component testing and acceptance testing . it should generate all expected outputs to all the possible inputs the program should also undergo bug fixing and all possible exception handling if it fails to show possible results, it should be checked for logical errors. These are the four step involved in problem solving and programming.

improve problem solving

Improve Problem Solving in Programming

So following are the steps to improve the problem solving and programming the first one is the right mindset , making right decision , keeping ideas on track and learning from the feedbacks and finally we have asking question. So let’s discuss each one of them in details.

 Right Mindset :  right mindset the way to approach problem is the key to improving skill ,to find the solution the positive mindset helps to solve problems quickly if you think something impossible then it is very hard to achieve.

Making Right Decisions : when we have to solve a problem we must be clear with the solution. the perfect solution helps to get success in a shorter period making the right decisions in the right situation helps people find perfect solution quickly and efficiently. These skills also help to get more command over the subject.

Keeping Ideas on Track : this step always help very much in improving the skills, they also help to gain more knowledge and more command over things in problem solving situation these ideas help much and help develop more skill, give opportunities for the mind and keep on noting the ideas.

Feedbacks : feedback is mystics help you gain more knowledge and have much growth  when you have a solution for a problem go for a feedback from experienced or the professionals who are seniors to you.


Asking Question :  question are incredible part of life while searching for solution there are a lot of question that arise in our minds ,once you know the question correctly then you can find answers quickly in coding or programming we must have a clear idea about the program , then you can find the perfect solution for programming problems.


Some important benefits of problem solving and programming , the first one major benefits of problem solving is to gain more knowledge over coding and programming . These problem solving techniques and skills also improve the knowledge in a person and build a promising career . Their skills play an important role when it comes to jobs most of the companies are looking for people with good problem solving skills and these play important role when it comes to job opportunities ,these skills also help to find the solution for critical and complex problem in a perfect way.

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