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Common to get confused between a web developer and a web designer, these roles are used interchangeably given their names and dependency on each other however there are a few differences among them. People aspiring to get into web development often ask me which role is suitable for them or rather where do they fit in or what has to be done during the process of web development. We will cleared to clarify all you doubts and provide an insight into both web developer and web designer roles and their responsibilities so let’s begin .

What is Web Development?

Web development is the process of building websites and applications for the internet .Now keep in mind that we development and web design is seen as different fields in most of the use cases, even though they collaborate together to provide the end result that is the web application. Web development can be broken down into three layers that is we discuss blow  

  •          Frontend
  •          Backend
  •          Database

Who is Web Developer ?

We know what web development is let’s understand this , some of the technologies used a by web developer

  •         HTML            (HTML used for web layout)
  •          CSS                (for web styling )
  •          JavaScript    (for making we application more responsive and interactive)
  •          React .JS      (which is a JavaScript framework used for font-end development )
  •          Node.JS       (which is a JavaScript framework again used for server side development)
  •          mongoDB   (which is a database technology for storing data for web application )

There are many others technologies is like , PHP,JAVA,RUBY etc. these are most commonly used by all web developers but you might be wondering, who a web developer ?

  •          web developer is to build and maintain websites and other web application
  •          he also takes a web design which has been created by either a client or a design team and turns it into a website
  •          responsible for building a product that meets both the clients needs and those of the customers and the users
  •          web developers collaborate with stakeholders clients and designer in order to understand the vision
  •          web developer also has to perform specific tasks however these responsibility may vary depending on whether they are working as specialize affront-end backend or full stack developer ,generally full stack developers specialize both the frontend and the backend

There are basically three types of web developers :

Frontend Developer : frontend developer who build and maintain the client side of an     application.

·         Front-end developer they usually code the client side of a web application

·         Frontend developers convert the design into a real life application using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

·         Ensure responsive and adaptive user interface for your applications

Frontend web developer Skillset

HTML: have are html that is the markup language for building web page layout

CSS : which is the style sheet for styling the html elements in a website

JavaScript : which is a scripting language for bringing web application to life by making them more interactive and responsive

Frontend Framework : framework like react angular view that help in making the client side of application look better and speed up the developments


Backend Developers : back-end developer who work behind the scenes and manage the services of a web application.

  •          Backend developer builds and maintains the services needed by a web application behind the scenes
  •          Backend developers on the others hand ensure that the web applications keep running smoothly  
  •          Manage services like api data storage for the web application

Backend web developer Skillset

PHPwhich is the backend language that helps in maintaining all the work that happen behind the scenes in a web application

Python :  which is a very popular language used in various software development fields it is used to handle server-side tasks in web development

JAVA : which is one of the most powerful programming language and used for software development and therefore also used in backend development by developers

Database Management : database like mysql  and mongodb are used for storing data for web application 

Full Stack Developer : full stack developers who manage the project workflow and work on the required features of a web application.

  •          Full stack developer whose province is in both frontend and backend development
  •         Full stack developers supervise the development and guide on best practices
  •          Know both business requirements and the user interface requirements 

Who is Web Designer?

Here are some technologies used by web designer

  •          Adobe Photoshop      (for image editing and web design)
  •          Adobe illustrator       (for working with vector and scalable web elements )
  •          Sketch                         (designing user experience for web application)
  •         Adobe XD                   (used for user experience design of web and mobile application
  •          Adobe Indesign          (marketing campaigns like banners, posters , magazines )


You might be wondering who exactly is a web designer so web designer is one

  •          Who plans and designs the layout and other elements of a website or an application
  •          Perform digital retouching along with image editing or video editing in some cases
  •          Web designer are responsible for designing a product that meets both the client needs and those of the customers and end users
  •           he also designs product that are user friendly appealing and visually effective the design is preferable modern and also easy to use at the same time 

Types of Web Designer

Web Designer :  who design websites and its elements

·         Web designer designs the look of website and the elements

·         Typically uses tools like adobe photoshop and adobe dream weaver   

UX Designer/Researcher : who are responsible for the user experience of web or a mobile application

·         Ux designer designs and prototypes the look and feel of web application and mobile application

·         Designer used tools like adobe illustrator ,Sketch ,adobe xd


Multimedia Specialist : who specialize in handling media for web application like images and video

·         Multimedia specialist handles media requirements like editing images video etc

·         Mainly uses adobe creative cloud which includes photoshop , illustrator and after effect


Game Designer : which is another role that employs similar tools as that of we design like adobe creative cloud

1. Design the props and characters of a game for various platforms

2. Game designer uses tools like adobe illustrator , autodesk software ,blender and unity 

So there are you go by now you must have got your answer to which role to choose , both the field are equally in demand in the industry and you shouldn’t  wait to dive into field you are interested in so that’s all about web developer and web designer. Thank you so much for being here and keep learning codealap , happy learning 

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