Database management system is a set of interrelated data and accessing program for accessing that data. In this case data collection is called database . Databases are basically information about an organization or a specific topic .

Database management system is called DBMS for short . The main goal of DBMS is to provide an environment in which it is possible to efficiently and efficiently store and retrieve large amounts of data in a database as the database is designed for management purposes. Data management requires an understanding of the structure and information of storage devices and mechanisms, as well as data security systems in the database. Because data is very important for any organization.

There must be a database system to prevent data loss due to system crash or any other reason .The basics of database management system are discussed.

Definition of database management System:

DBMS : Database management system is a collection of interconnected data and a set of exceptional programs used to manipulate those data conveniently and efficiently

  • Data
  • Attributes
  • Information
  •  Data Base

DATA : Data is the raw material used in processing to get the desired result . the small part that is used for information in processing work so data such as time, status ,image, number, object, etc

1. Numeric data

  • Integer data
  • floating-point data

2. Non Numeric data

  • Character Data
  • String Data
  • Object Data

Attributes : A single quality of an object, concept, person, etc., is called Attributes

Information :  Meaningful results obtained after processing data are called information

Database: There is a lot of interconnected file, tables, etc., from which certain necessary data can be quickly and easily and efficiently finished. Data is called  Database.

There are different parts to the database management system :

DBMS Systems

Explain the purpose of the database management system

Database management system is a software system that allows the data stored in a database to be fine It is possible to manipulate. This is called DBMS for short. DBMS has many purposes. However, one of its purposes .The goal is to provide an environment in the computer system, so that the database is very convenient (Conveniently) and efficiently (Efficiently) a lot of information can be stored and retrieved.

Moreover, the main objective of DBMS is to eliminate various problems of conventional file system. Its head of itself .The main objectives are described.

Easy access to data:  In conventional file processing systems for a variety of reasons . It is not possible to recover data efficiently and efficiently. For example, it has various file formats and various. Data cannot be searched by covering various conditions as required. As a result, data access becomes extremely difficult. DBMS,

This eliminates the problem .In order for database users to access data as quickly and easily as they need. Maybe, the database management system manages it.

Difficulties in data isolation :  and conventional file formats are of different types.

Even the same ebb exists in different files in different formats scattered. That's why the data is accurate. It is not possible to create new application programs using a specific format for retrieval purposes. Such in DBMS

The difficulty is not seen even in Mate. That means it has been removed by DBMS. Because the file format is not different and. The ebb does not stay in the scattering. This is a big problem for conventional file systems.

Integerity problem : elimination and the data stored in the database must have some consistency. Consistency constraints must be observed. For example, no deposit of less than Tk. 250 can be made in any account. Programmers force the system to comply with such constraints by attaching the appropriate code. Conventional file

This is not possible in the system. Because the file format is different. This problem has been overcome through DBMS. Because the file format is not different, it has become very easy to write code to perform such constraints.


Redundancy and inconsistency :  database system does not love different ploiymar files and applications at different times, so it has file format. There are surprises and prams are written in different languages.  Moreover, the same thing is stored in different places of different files, sort it . For example, telephone number may be deposited in different accounts.  Resulting in system storage

 If not more, the cost may increase.  Such difficulties have been overcome with the help of database.  Difficulty causes another problem called inconsistency.  For example, the number one account drawn by the customer

 Even if I delete it, it will remain in another account. As a result, this information will be lost in different ways. There is no such problem.


 Removal of Atomicity problem:  A computer is an electronic machine.  It is other mechanical, And like an electrical machine, it can lose its effectiveness at any time.  But it does have a lot to offer Precious. Database  backup before the loss of functionality. It is vital to stay calm .Especially when a licking transaction occurs, just before the failure.

Whether the franchise is complete, it must be secure, that is, it must be atomic.  Conventional. This is not possible in the system.  But nBv8-4 it is possible to confirm.  That means backup and recovery in SMS.

 To remove concurrent access anomalies at the same time:

 Eliminating inconsistency is one of the purposes of DBMS.  At the same time in a database in conventional file system. More than one person can access and two bases can be expensive or modified.  As a result, two bases

 Inconsistency or incoherence occurs .This June the management system is in the same database at the same time .Does not allow access to multiple users.  As a result, it does not cause inconsistency .Thus DBMS.  It protects the two from incest or rhetoric .As a result, the database to the users. Portability is greatly increased.

  Provide Data security :  Necessary security

 In the absence of a system, any unauthorized or accessible access is partial or can completely destroy .  Providing non-cutting safety is a major objective of DMS.  Usually a not all users have access to and edit all parts of the database.  Database Management System,

 Strictly controls users' access to the database, access, view and modification .Different in this case. The user of the class is given the right of proximity .As a result, only one Database user. The right given to data is 6  To enter data (Data access), VIT (View) and Modification {Modification)  Is enabled.  Avon DBMS ensures the privacy and security of the database.  Something this is not possible with conventional file processing.

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